After spending my childhood traveling to over half of the United States, I left the country for the first time at age nineteen to study abroad in France—an experience that was simultaneously fulfilling and unfulfilling, as it opened my eyes to an entirely new culture and lifestyle while also causing me to realize how much of the world I have yet to see. I created this blog in hopes of inspiring others, whether you feel curious, passionate, scared, adventurous or uncertain toward traveling, or a little bit of all those. My own experiences led me to believe that traveling is not only a way to learn about other cultures but one of the best ways to learn about yourself as you make mistakes, navigate unfamiliar territory and embrace change.

Gordes, France

For now, my blog posts will center around my U.S. travels, including my favorite cities across the country, and the cultural adaptations and challenges that came with living in Europe for a semester. My main goal is to be completely honest as I begin blogging—as incredible as traveling can be, people tend to ignore the obstacles, rough days and culture shock that inevitably accompany the life-changing experiences. I aim to share a whole and pure travel experience: the good and the bad and everything in between. So here goes.

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